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ClearOne/Gentner XAP400 Teleconferencing System


The ClearOne/Gentner XAP 400 combines a highly advanced digital matrix mixer that features Distributed Echo Cancellation, noise cancellation, and audio processing with a single-line digital hybrid and a 10W amplifier. The ClearOne/Gentner XAP 400 provides a complete teleconferencing systemãall in a single rack space unit. In addition to Distributed Echo Cancellation, which places an echo canceller on every mic input, the ClearOne/Gentner XAP 400 features noise cancellation, which reduces background noise such as that caused by fans and air conditioning. The ClearOne/Gentner XAP 400 Teleconferencing System, also features four configurable filters on each of the four microphone inputs. The result is crystal clear, echo-free audio in even the most challenging environments. The ClearOne/Gentner XAP 400 has four configurable virtual EC references which allow you to reference multiple signals without sacrificing an analog output. The ClearOne/Gentner XAP 400 Teleconferencing System, supports four mic/line level inputs, four line level inputs, eight line level outputs, and a speaker output.

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