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Crestron TSS-752-MSMK-B-S / 6506924

Crestron TSS-752-MSMK-B-S / 6506924

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Brand: Crestron

Type: Mount Kit

Model: TSS-752-MSMK-B-S

MPN: Does Not Apply

Crestron TSS-752-MSMK-B-S (6506924)

Multi-Surface Mounting Kit

The TSS-752-MSMK Multi-Surface Mount Kit provides a versatile surface mounting solution for a Room Scheduling Touch Screen. Using the Multi-Surface Mount Kit, the touch screen device can be mounted directly to glass, granite, marble, plaster, smooth stone and masonry, or virtually any other flat surface using either the self-adhering mounting plate or screws.

An adhesively backed raceway is also provided for use on smooth surfaces to conceal wires running to the touch screen from the floor or ceiling. The raceway is paintable and is composed of three 3 foot (0.91 m) sections plus an assortment of elbows and couplings.

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