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Electro-Voice EVID C10.1 In-Ceiling Subwoofers (1 PAIR) F01U117589

Electro-Voice EVID C10.1 In-Ceiling Subwoofers (1 PAIR) F01U117589

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Brand: Electro-Voice

Driver Size: 10"

Type: Subwoofer

Color: White

Model: EVID C10.1

Connectivity: Wired


Impedance: 8 ohm or 70/100V

Sold as a pair, the white Electro-Voice EVID C10.1 is a passive 10" in-ceiling installation subwoofer with a multi-tap transformer designed to deliver reliable low-frequency reinforcement for foreground music systems in waiting rooms, offices, retail stores, restaurants, and more. When driven by your 70V, 100V, or 8-Ohm power amplifiers (available separately), these subwoofers provide a continuous power capacity of 100W. Each EVID C10.1 is equipped with a 10" high-excursion woofer capable of covering the low-frequency range from 45 to 150 Hz.

An internal 12 dB/octave low-pass network with overload protection ensures proper input bandwidth, and the low-loss transformer accommodates a range of taps, selectable via a convenient switch on the baffle. The low-frequency extension is aided by the ported enclosure, which features a steel backcan and an ABS baffle. The removable Euroblock connector, tile bridge, mounting ring, cutout template, and paint shield contribute to easy installation.

Ceiling subwoofer with 10" high-excursion transducer and ported enclosure for low-end reproduction down to 45 Hz
12 dB/octave low-pass crossover network with overload protection
Integrated low-loss matching transformer allows for 70V, 100V, or 8-Ohm operation
Front-panel switch for quick selection of transformer tap setting
4-pin Euroblock input and loop-thru
Sturdy construction with zinc-plated steel backcan, ABS baffle, and powder-coated steel grille
Perforated powder-coated steel grille with safety tether
Mounting kit supplied for quick, self-contained installation

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