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SoundTube HP129a BK Hanging Pendant Speaker (BLACK)

SoundTube HP129a BK Hanging Pendant Speaker (BLACK)

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Type: Ceiling Speaker

ItemPackageQuantity: 1

Color: Black

Model: HP129a

Connectivity: Wired

Brand new in original packaging.

SoundTube HP129a Hanging Speaker in Black

Patented BroadBeam Ring waveguide technology providing smooth response and maximum SPL across the audio spectrum. One 12 inch (305 mm) treated fiber cone with a treated cloth surround and one 1.375 inch (35 mm) Mylar compression driver with waveguide. Ported enclosure for added bass response (down to 73 Hz, 10 dB). High-SPL, high-efficiency system for the sound reinforcement and PA markets. Easy-access, five-position tap switch for 25/70.7/100-volt applications with transformer bypass position. Reduced amplification costs and maximum efficiency (97 dB sensitivity), with 8-ohm impedance. UL 1480 (UEAY) and 2239 (hanging cable) approved. Included accessories: hanging hardware, Euroblock connector, terminal weather boot.

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