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Vaddio 999-82110-000 QuickCAT Suspended Camera Ceiling Mount & OneLINK HDMI

Vaddio 999-82110-000 QuickCAT Suspended Camera Ceiling Mount & OneLINK HDMI

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Brand: Vaddio

Type: Camera Mount

MPN: 999-82110-000

New!  Vaddio 999-82110-000 QuickCAT Mount with OneLINK HDMI (White)

Description / Overview

This QuickCAT package includes a Vaddio OneLINK HDMI extenstion system for Vaddio, Sony and Panasonic cameras which lets you extend power, video and control up to 328' (100m) over a single Cat-5e/6 cable!  QuickCAT is a universal ceiling camera mount that is compatible with most invertible PTZ (and fixed) cameras.  This ceiling mounting solution is designed for suspended ceilings and is compatible with 2'x2', 2'x4', 60cm x 60cm and 62.5cm x 62.5 cm ceiling grids - and also works with irregular grids.  In addition, the Q-Lock Quick Release Lever provides quick connect/disconnect of the camera - and includes an integrated key and lock for greater security.

Simplify your installations by viewing all your Vaddio products across a deployment on one screen - with the simple click of a button!  The Vaddio Deployment Tool enables you to select devices from the network, choose an action like rebooting a device, unmute the audio or updating firmware and voila!  Remote troubleshooting success!

(You can even conduct mass firmware updates on hundreds of devices all at once - which saves a tremendous amount of time!)


  • Adjustable tile bridge can be leveled even if the ceiling tile grid is inconsistent.
  • Tile bridge can be concealed above the ceiling tile or installed flush with the tile
  • Accommodates the camera interface module (EZIM) for a OneLINK device
  • Adjustable camera positioning – 0 to 12" (0 to 305 mm) height adjustment
  • Q-Lock quick-release lever for simple camera attachment
  • Key lock for security
  • Full 360° rotation (yaw) adjustment during installation
  • Tool-free adjustments for camera leveling
  • Compatible with most invertible pro AV cameras
  • Compatible with common ceiling grid sizes

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